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The second step forward in your path to knighthood is Squirehood. This is the transition from novicehood into guild responsibility and accountability. Advancing to Squirehood tests your abilities and knowledge in many areas.

The following are required for Squirehood:

General Requirements:
- Attain the 15th Circle of Experience
- Have served as a page for a minimum of ONE YEAR.
- Have a COMPLETE Paladins Uniform (Trousers, Shirt, Tunic, Boots, Surcoat, Cloak, and Falconry Glove)
- Be ADEPT in the skills of Chivalry and Weaponry
- Have a mentor within the guild
- Be capable of walking to Ashtan, North of Trees (NoT), Delos, and Enorian
- Donate 1000 gold sovereigns to the guild (DEPOSIT 1000 GOLD PALADINS) Do this during your interview.

Equipment Requirements:
- 2 longswords, rapiers, scimitars, or broadswords
- 2 pocket belts or a cache
- 1 backpack
- 1 tinderbox
- 1 pipe

Herbal and Healing Item Requirements:
- 10 skullcap flowers
- 1 vial of health elixir

Tattoo Requirements:
- Boar (not necessary for members of the Troll race)
- Shield
- Moss

Knowledge Assessment Topics:
- Landmarking (Capable of finding, explaining, and performing the Cave, Garden, Shrine, and Tree landmarks)
- The History of the events leading to the Founding of the Paladins, including the tale of the Three Brothers, found in a tome in the Library.
- Paladin Principles
- Afflictions and Cures (Elixirs, Herbs, Salves, and Venoms)

Inform your mentor when you have acquired all of the requirements and knowledge needed for Squirehood. Your mentor may give you a private pre-assessment to ensure that you are ready for the real assessment. Upon a successful pre-assessment, your mentor will grant you permission to request a Squirehood Interview. You MAY NOT request your interview until you have the permission of your knight unless explicitly authorized by a guild secretary, ex-guildmaster, or the guild master.

When ready for the assessment, ask a Novice Aide, Secretary, or an ex-Guildmaster to interview you. You may not take the interview from your Knight. The Squirehood Interview may take nearly an entire Aetolian day to complete, so plan accordingly.

You may find the following Scrolls and Books helpful to you when studying for the Squirehood assessment: HELP PALADINS, HELP ENORIAN, HELP ROLEPLAYING, HELP ARION, HELP CHIVALRY, HELP DEVOTION, HELP FORGING, HELP  LANDMARKS, HELP VENOMS, HELP HEALINGLIST, HELP CURES, HELP CHANNELS, HELP NEWS, HELP MESSAGES, HELP PLAYERKILLING, HELP DESCRIPTION, HELP TATTOOS, HELP ESTEEM Also read THE LANDMARKING JOURNAL. You can find it listed as book #6910 in the Paladin Library found 1 room east of The Hall of Instruction in our guild hall. Unfortunately, the part about the cave is slightly outdated, as the evil aspect of it is now done within Bloodloch walls and thus out of reach for us. For more information on it, please ask your mentor and knight.

It is expected duty of a newly promoted Squire to regularly attend to the newer recruits and pages of the guild to ensure they receive a warm welcome and are inducted into the Lyceum. As there is a good chance a Squire may end up reaching knighthood requirements before they have turned 21 and served as a Squire for two years, this MUST NOT become just a waiting period.

To be considered for the knighthood interview, a Squire will be expected to regularly be fulfilling guild duties of the Squires and looking after novices. This includes teaching the younger paladins their way around, teaching them the Cave landmark, and other special tasks as assigned by your mentor knight. If you still don't feel you have enough to do, or your knight is not keeping you busy enough, take the initiative and ask around. You are now on the final trek to knighthood and are expected to be constantly striving to find way to improve the guild. There is a good chance your interviewing Secretary may ask your knight how well you've been fulfilling these duties to make sure you are bringing honor to the guild in your every day life.