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  Requirements for Knight

General Requirements
- Attain the 45th Circle of Experience and have turned 21 years old.
- Have served as a Squire for at least TWO YEARS, and during that time have fulfilled Squirehood duties to the novices of the guild as well as special tasks which the mentor has requested.
- Attain an Explorer Ranking of Wayfarer or higher
- Donate 1500 gold sovereigns to the guild (DEPOSIT 1500 PALADINS in a bank). Do this at the end of the interview.
- Be able to explain, find, and perform ALL landmarks
- Have the Preaching skill in Devotion
- Have the Duality skill in Chivalry
- Have the Throwing skill in Weaponry
- Write an error-free description (3 line minimum)
- Write a personal background (approved by your mentor prior to setting).
Combat Spar Requirements
- Win at least 4 combat (ranked) spars, against six different classed opponents, and have a minimum of 10 combat spars total. (Opponent must be out of novicehood of their own guild and be at least 80% of your might to count as wins.)
- Complete 1 testing spar against the head of the Guardians of the Tower clan or one of his or her aids to ensure knowledge of Paladin skills and curative abilities. (CLANHELP GOT, aides will be under 'Leaders of the Tower') This spar DOES NOT need to be ranked.
Herbal and Healing Item Requirements
- 20 of each herb found on the HELP HEALINGLIST scroll
- 3 vials of health elixir
- 1 vial of every other existing elixir
- 1 vial of every existing salve
Equipment and Inventory Requirements
- 2 venom vials of your choice
- 3 pipes
- 1 suit of field plate armor
- 2 longswords or other edged weapons
Tattoo Requirements
- Boar (not necessary for members of the Troll race)
- Shield
- Moss
Essay Requirements
- 1 Error-free essay written on the deity of your choice.
- 1 Error-free essay written on any aspect of the guild
-*Each essay should be written on a different letter and given to the interviewer to read during the interview. The length of each essay is up to you. We are looking for quality of thought, not quantity of words.
*- All of the above requirements are minimum requirements, and whenever possible you should strive to exceed them in anyway you can. Talk with your mentor once you have met the requirements and they will ensure that you are ready for the most challenging of exams. The Knighthood exam tests your skills, your ethics, your knowledge of the realm, and delves into the very heart of what Honor, Courage, and Loyalty truly mean. It should be something to be taken very seriously. When you and your mentor feel you are prepared inform the guildmaster, or a secretary. Your
interview must be conducted by one of them.