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  Afflictions and Cures

Useful Plants
VALERIAN:     Cures the dishonour affliction and the slickness affliction when
SKULLCAP:     Provides an anti-weapon field that lasts until it is taken down
             by an opponent or until you perform an aggressive action, when
             smoked. The anti-weapon field will cause the weapons of your
             opponent to bounce back at him. When eaten, this gives
             you the deathsight.
SILERIS:      A berry that, when you APPLY it, will defend you against those of
             the Syssin class who wish to sink their venom-laden fangs into
PRICKLY ASH:  When eaten, cures various afflictions relating to your sanity.
GOLDENSEAL:  Cures various afflictions that result from a body or mind in
            disharmony. Eaten.
KELP:         This will cure afflictions that have weakened your muscles or
             your general fitness level. Eaten.
LOBELIA:      Cures some afflictions relating mainly to various types of
             phobias or pathos. Eaten.
GINSENG:      Cures many afflictions associated with impurities of the blood
             or diseases of the skin. Eaten.
BELLWORT:     Cures unnatural tendencies to be excessively altruistic. Eaten
SLIPPERY ELM: Cures a variety of very damaging curses and afflictions. Smoked.
MYRRH GUM:    Increases your learning efficiency. Eaten.
BLOODROOT:    Cures paralysis and slickness. Eaten.
IRID MOSS:    Heals some health and mana. Eaten.
KOLA:         Allows you to awaken from sleep immediately, at will. Eaten.
COHOSH:       Gives you insomnia, which prevents you being put to sleep. Eaten.
HAWTHORN:     Gives deafness. Eaten.
BAYBERRY:     Gives blindness. Eaten.
PEAR:         Lets you breath underwater.

Other Types of Elixirs
HEALTH:       Replenishes some of your health.
MANA:         Replenishes some of your mana.
LEVITATION:   Will make you levitate above the ground.
IMMUNITY:     Cures the deadly voyria venom.
VENOM:        Resistance to damage from some poisons.
SPEED:        Increases your ability to dodge some physical attacks.
FROST:        Increases your resistance to fire-based damage.

Types of Salves
EPIDERMAL:    Cures some afflictions associated with outer organs, like the
             eyes and ears.
MENDING:      Cures broken or shrivelled limbs as well as some other things.
CALORIC:      Provides a defence against some cold-based attacks, and will
             also heal some cold-based afflictions.
RESTORATION:  Heals damage done to body parts. (see HELP BODYPARTDAMAGE)
MASS:         Will make you very difficult to move.