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Venom is a skill possessed only by the Syssin. It involves the production of various venoms by glands. These glands are remnants of evolution and lay dormant in most humans. To those with the skill though, they can be used to great effect. First, one must SECRETE a particular venom. There will be a short pause while your glands produce the chosen toxin. Once the venom has been secreted, it cannot be held in the bloodstream indefinitely. Each venom has a risk factor incorporated into it. The more powerful the venom, the greater the chance of it backfiring and affecting the producer. To get the venom out of the bloodstream, one must either BITE another player or PURGE the venom from your body.

It should be pointed out that mobiles will be immune to most venoms that do things other than cause damage.

Various types of venoms:

  This venom causes minor damage, much like the small serpent that wields it,
  but can still be dangerous.
  Makes even the most coordinated warrior a clumsy fool.
  This attacks the visual system, causing the victim's eyes to fail.
  Affecting the decision making ability of the mortal victim, it causes even
  the most rational mortal to believe himself immortal, often causing him
  to run into battle recklessly.
  Contracts the victim's lungs, making the passage of all air impossible.
  Causes the most outgoing person to become a shy, fearful, child and unable
  to bear the presence of others.
  The sun itself becomes your enemy when bitten with this venom, searing the
  victim's flesh when exposed to sunlight.
  The victim of this venom will find himself unable to move, as his muscles
  fail to respond to his commands.
  Attacks the muscle fiber of the upper limbs of the victim, causing them to
  shrivel up and become useless.
  All nerve endings in the victim are heightened, increasing his sensitivity
  to even the slightest sensation, often to the point of causing pain.
  This venom affects the face of its victim, causing horrible disfigurement.
  Those loyal to the victim are often so disgusted that they turn on him,
  possibly attacking him.
  The digestive system of the victim is thrown into upheaval, causing
  spasmodic vomiting.
  Exposure to this venom, leaves one robbed of their most vital senses:
  sight and hearing.
  Forcibly heals those with shut eyes or blindness.
  By concentrating the venom Sumac, a more potent (and damaging) venom can
  be produced.
  This causes the victim's strength to leave its body, leaving a weak husk of
  a person in its place.
  The sister venom of Epteth. It attacks the muscles of the leg, leaving them
  rotten and withered.
  Famous for its dizziness inducing effects.
  This venom causes the victim to lose all desire for food or drink, possibly
  causing starvation if left unchecked.
  Said to be the most deadly venom in all of mankind. Even the smallest dose
  can kill a large bull within a matter of seconds.
  By slowing heartrate and synapse activity, this venom eventually results in
  a peacefully sleeping victim. Often used by 'pacifists' to subdue their
  Mystical in nature, though not very well understood. Feared by those who
  consume the flesh of mortals because of its essence nullifying qualities.
  This venom is not very well understood. It has been called a potent mix of
  other venoms as well as a substance originally from the Chaos Plane itself.
  The effects are random and wide ranging, from sickness to death.
  The brain of the affected individual ceases to operate correctly, causing
  them to exist in a state of complete stupor.
  The bane of Shapechangers, this venom disrupts the concentration of those
  with altered physical form, forcing them back into a mortal shape.
  Adapted from the serpents of old, this venom will cause its victims body to
  become coated in a very slick slime.
  Those infected with this venom find that their venom blood turns against
  them when any type of foreign substance is introduced into their system.
  This venom is not very well understood, however it is known to weaken the
  connection devotion users have with the Gods.