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When you first join the Paladins, you will be considered a Recruit. The first step forward in your path to knighthood is becoming a page. To do this, you will need to ask a knight to act as your mentor and guide in the guild.

This agreement is not to be taken lightly. Understand that your mentor will be taking time to ensure you have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to be an honorable and respectable knight. You should always show your mentor and all those in the guild honor and respect in all things you say and do. Never do anything that would dishonor the guild or your peers in any way.

The following requirements are required for Pagehood:
- Attain the 10th Circle of Experience
- Have a basic Paladins uniform (trousers, shirt, boots, pack,
falconry glove, and pocketbelt/cache). All of these are sold by

When you have met these requirements, you may ask a knight of your choosing to take you on as a page. This special request is best handled by sending the knight a tell. Do not ask over the GNT.

Should the knight agree, he or she will then ask to meet with you to discuss the responsibilities of being a page and will also take you to get your falcon. Do NOT get a falcon without your knights permission. Doing so will result in disciplinary action up to and including outguilding. Upon getting your falcon your knight will instruct you in its proper care, and it is vital you receive this instruction.